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"Gentleman" –– Postmodern Jukebox

Worth it just for the dancing girls.

"Say Something" –– Postmodern Jukebox


Fox Shoes advertisement photographed by Charles Gates Sheldon, 1919

Indian motorcycle there.

MotoGeo goes to Columbia. 

Makes me want to get a V-Strom.

I’m a sucker for Victory because they’re based in Minnesota. I love how they make an old man bike look totally bad-ass.


Bosozoku means ‘violent run tribe’, the Japanese gangs of the 1980’s earned this named by the Police they were constantly fleeing from. 

In a culture known for having strict cultural norms, the Bosozoku girls are definite outlaws. They ride fast, loud (visually and physically) motorcycles, wear uniforms and tattoos, and don’t take crap from anyone. 


In the video, some of the women describe getting into the scene because they were dating Bosozoku guys. They enjoyed riding but didn’t want to sit behind the man anymore, so they got their own bikes. 

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Sweet ❤️

They look even happier in the second photo. :)

That dude is a bad ass in 1963

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"My Girl" –– Danielle Ate the Sandwich