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The Dick Van Dyke Show S2E8

Me when I’m writing.

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Kutiman - Thru You Too - GIVE IT UP

This guy hacks up people’s YouYube videos and makes awesome things. I love the stuff he (she?) does. My favourite part of this one is that the song’s bed comes from a 6-year-old girl in a princess dress. When the aliens come and demand that we give them reasons not to destroy the earth, I will show them this video.

This makes me think three things:
1) I wish I lived in Australia.
2) I wish I lived anywhere with this kind of custom bike culture.
3) I wish I lived somewhere that wasn’t so damned rainy.
4) I wish I had any customization skills whatsoever.
5) I wish I had more money

Stories of Bike | Two Cities: Part 2 (A Harley-Davidson 48 Sportster Story)

First review for the NM4 that I’ve seen. A really interesting bike but one that absolutely confounds me in how underwhelming it is. Chain drive, too-small engine, not enough storage space, ridiculously low seating, awkward ergonomics and costing at least $4,000 more than it should. What the hell?

I really enjoy reading this blog from a guy who is (slowly) riding a beat-up Royal Enfield from Sydney to London.


Goosenecks State Park, Southeast Utah

An entrenched meander on the San Juan River 1,000 feet deep and exposing 300 million years of rock.

There are more than six miles of river over a distance of one and a half miles.

The San Juan River starts in the mountains of southwest Colorado and runs west through northern New Mexico and Southern Utah until it drains into the Colorado River (at Lake Powell) eventually going through the Grand Canyon.

Wheels & Waves 2014

One day I want to go to this event. My biggest fear, though, is that I am nowhere cool enough to attend.